Have you ever changed your mind…

on how you feel about certain house styles?  Join me on a small journey of what changed mine about Cape Cods,…. plus some interesting information and history about them. 

Cottage at dusk in Niantic, Connecticut

We’re dropping back to 2014.  It was the year I had recovered from cancer.  It was the year I decided to say YES to as much as I could humanly possible say yes to.  I think we fall into a rut of just saying no to things out of habit.  Well, 2014 was the year I was going to change that!  I was blessed to meet a new friend, and who over a relatively short period, we became great friends!  She was getting over a divorce but she and her husband had been going to a business acquaintance and friend’s place on the Connecticut shore for a few years.   While she didn’t want to go alone that year,  she invited me to go along.  Now, here I am, asked to go on a trip,  with a group of people I had only known less than one year.  Was I going to keep to my word and challenge and say yes?  Well, I did say yes and I can tell you, saying yes to that ONE thing has enriched my life so much.  We have since gone back every year for a long weekend to the “shore”.  I love how they call it the shore.  It’s a lovely place on the Long Island Sound filled with charming Cape Cod homes and lovely maintained yards.

Overlooking the Long Island Sound

I had never been to the North East before and I was just gobsmacked!  It is also close to New London, Connecticut where my father had traveled in the mid-nineties as a guest and oldest living submarine Veteran in Tennessee at that time for the launching of the USS Tennessee submarine.  There’s a submarine base located at New London.  Such a treat for me to have heard of his adventures there and finally see and experience some of these myself.  Anyway, I truly fell in love with the Cape Cod style of housing, the wooden shingles, the greyed colors and nautical themes.  It has been fun exploring the area of Niantic, Essex, Mystic and all the quaint little towns around this New England delight!  Oh, and the food.  That’s a whole different subject!  Oh my, the food!  Here are some photos we have taken over the last few years of this charming area! 

Clockwise: View of the neighborhood (and lovely cape cods) from the water, fish feast from a fishing excursion, Chief Safety Officer reporting for duty, gorgeous lighthouse (apparently James Bond was there that day!), full moon over the Long Island Sound, the girls heading out to kayak, and Tom, our gracious host!

Here’s the history I promised!


After the year we’ve just all come through, I encourage you to say YES to more things this year. You just never know how it can expand your life in ways you may never have dreamed of! That one YES, continues to bless me with a growing number of friends who enrich my life and best of all, they are so much fun to be around!

As always, I’m here if you need me. When it comes to this challenging real estate market, let my experience help you out! Talk to Tisa!

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