When life gives you lemons, make Lemoncello Martinis!

Q2020 Woes – Saturday nights and nowhere to go!  Well,  let me tell you about a group of friends that have made my quarantine time more bearable.  I think we were the first to jump onto zoom for a happy hour in the very beginning.  Five of us are in the real estate world (residential commercial, commercial lending, city management, builder) and the other two somehow just put up with us! (All but one of us is considered essential workers).   While some of us were friends or friends thru friends before, the wonderful thing that knits us together as a group is a trip to Italy last fall.  It would take too long to tell you how we all came to be friends but through the organization of our friend Emily, (Princess) we found ourselves on an incredible journey on the Italian countryside.

Italy 1
First day fun and Queen of the Castle!

I think some it worried many of our other friends that seven strong women spending so much time together in one giant home would be a problem.  I’m so proud to say we “adulted” very well together.   I personally was able to cross off a bucket list item of going to Asissi (which was so incredible),  we met some of the most remarkable people,  and needless to say we had some of the best food and wine EVER!  Each night at dinner, we started with prayer, and then it was hold on to your horses!   Our dinners were just like the Italians, filled with food, sometimes heavy discussions but most of all laughter.  And then,  one night there was “nut” juice.  Some kind of walnut brandy???  Mamma Mia!

We ended up creating a bond that I believe we will always have!  I may have to write about more Italian adventures in the future!

Good Food and Friends
Fountains, Friends, Food, Adventure – Italian Style!
Italy Stories
We just make Lemoncello martini’s with our lemons!

However, during our Saturday night of staying home, this week we had a fashion show of sorts.  Emily was ready to dress up and go nowhere.  No one else got on her Gala bandwagon but she proceeded to entertain us and show us some lovely evening wear and shoes through texts and photos.    Then she went back to her “casualwear” .

Saturday night in Quarantineville and First Zoom Happy Hour!
Emily is missing going out and Our First Zoom Happy Hour!

That is what leads me to our favorite things in March list –  courtesy of “Donuts” Lacy!

  1. Sweats for quarantine comfort 
  2. Wine as our staple survival juice  
  3. Weekly Happy Hours  – with said survival juice
  4. Fashion Shows with fabulous heels to remember we wear these for ourselves, not others.  Shoes activate our  Superpower of being fierce, strong, beautiful women, inside and out!
Never underestimate the power of a shoe–Giuseppe Zanotti A gathering of great shoes at a past charity event for the YWCA – we can get our shoe power on! #winewomenandshoes

 5.  Daily check-ins for health and welfare with uplifting messages and knowing  we are a tribe of women you can now call the Magnificent Seven from this day forward!              (Em’s numbered us anyway like we were in pre-school so she could keep up with us!)

What were your favorite things in March?

I’m fortunate to have a lot of people in my life that check in with me.  However, being quarantined alone is not fun!  While all of our hearts continue to ache for what is happening in the world because of this devastating virus,  I hope your Q2020 is going well and you are hanging in there.  Stay safe, stay well.  And if you’re really bored, you can always Talk to Tisa!

#weareinthistogether   #ThankGodforfamilyandfriends

Ciao bella & Blessings,

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