Let me tell you about my old friend…

🎼🎶🎵Hello Carbness, my old friend, it’s good to talk with you again…🎵

Q2020  Forced me back into the arms of a long ago friend this morning


I hope you heard Simon and Garfunkle in your head right now.  A buddy of mine dropped by this morning and it was so good to see him, if only for just a little while!  Most of my friends do not care for this old friend of mine.  (Ahem….. they just don’t get Gravy because they are not from the south like me and Gravy.)  I wish they knew Gravy  a little better because, while he’s a little thick and bland at times, if he’s in the right environment, he just shines!


Comfort food
My old friends Gravy, Biscuits, Eggs, and Bacon!

Well, truth be told, because Gravy is so rich, a lot of folks do overlook his drawbacks.   I know he made me feel better this morning along with another old friend, Biscuits.  I see Eggs all the time but when you get the three of these guys together, oh my!    I’m not sure how farmers of old could get up from a gathering of these three beloveds and go work in the fields for hours.  I may just have to go back to bed and nap on this wonderful reunion.  Oh, Bacon came by also.  And you know Bacon, he always makes everything better!

Comfort Breakfasts
This stuff went down like ice cream melting on a hot day!

I don’t think Gravy won’t be coming back to visit for a while, (I’m just making the best out of what’s in my pantry) but it was sure nice to see him this morning.

Know that you are missed my old friend.  Until we meet again, stay safe, stay well, and I hope you will stay full!

Most of all, stay full of hope.  #hanginthere

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Note: This is the recipe I used for my gravy visit this morning.  While this isn’t how my Grandmother made gravy and I’ve never made gravy this way before, it turned out really well.  I didn’t use all the bacon she adds but I’m sure it would only make it better if you do!  Enjoy!  https://www.thegratefulgirlcooks.com/bacon-gravy-biscuits/



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  1. StainedbytheSpirit says:

    hhahhahahha this is so funny….me and my husband were talking about gravy yesterday…I was saying how much I love it and I can’t wait until Sunday dinner because my Mom’s homemade gravy is the best….LOLOLOL How can anyone go through life without gravy…SERIOUSLY! hahhahaha


    1. TalktoTisa says:

      I know! It sure helped my spirits yesterday! Southern girl to the bone!

      Liked by 1 person

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