Quarantine can’t take away my home dreams!

Photo credit: www.nikolestarrinteriors.com
This is happening in my next Dining Room! Check our her Instagram Page here! Photo credit: http://www.nikolestarrinteriors.com

Check out these Instagram accounts that will help you dream in InstaColor!

While most of us are all isolated away from what our everyday world is, one thing we can do is dream about what our Perfect Dream Home would be like.   So in the words of Teyve in If I Were A Rich Man from 1964’s Tony Award Winning Fiddler on the Roof – I’d build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen!

So take a moment to indulge yourself and follow this wonderful Instagram account out of London.  Called @myhouseishome.  I absolutely love their Intro:  A House is made of walls and beams, but a home is made of hopes and dreams!

Also, with over 5 million followers, it won’t take long before you will fall in love with @inspire_me_home_decor also.  I found some serious garden dreaming there!

You may get hooked on some of these lovely interiors and ideas for when we all come out of our caves again!

Hope to see you all soon!  Peace, love, health, and happiness I wish for you.  And remember, if you need anything right now, Talk to Tisa!

Blessings y’all.

NicoleStarrInteriors bedroom
Check out Nicolestarrinteriors.com for some lovely Southern Charm also!

Photo credit: www.nikolestarrinteriors.com

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