Sunday Morning Thoughts

_It's Alright - Stephen Marley
Sunday Morning Thoughts

This post is not real estate related in any way – just random musings from some quiet moments of thought.  I hope it’s alright…

As we inch toward September, I realize that this time of year always seems to start a melancholy time of year for me.  I’m not sure why or what it is, body clock thing knowing that winter is coming, loss that seems to come around… Anyway, I have a Sunday morning playlist that lifts me and allows me to count my blessings, not my troubles.   This morning Stephen Marley’s words resonated.  So much that I wanted to share them.  It’s been a wonderful, crazy, busy, hectic and challenging kind of summer in my world.   Things are really good and I AM so blessed however, sometime, I need to hear “it’s going to be alright”.  Its only when I sit still and try to listen to that small voice that God has promised me (and all of us) that I get re-centered…and know “it’s going to be alright”.  

I do know that looking back, I’ve always learned more from pain than hurt.  I know sometimes people are mean and not nice or kind and don’t always do what’s right but in the end, we always have a choice to make on our paths.  You can walk down the path of faith, or walk down the path of fear.  Plus, always take the high road.  It’s less crowded up there.  It’s going to be alright…

Yesterday was my baby’s birthday.  It’s funny how you still call your children babies even when they are having a MILESTONE birthday!  Lordy, Lordy, this kid has brought me so much joy as a parent and it was really hard not being with him and his precious little family to celebrate –on-the-day – this year but celebrate we will later this month!  Happy Birthday Kyle!   It’s going to be alright…

Wow, this quick little post grew into something long and winded.   Sorry!  It’s wonderful how music can lift us up and change our whole attitude.  I will get out and enjoy the rest of summer and get ready to recharge over the winter months.   And, I will embrace the crazy, busy, and challenges that get thrown my way because… It’s going to be alright… 

How about you guys?  Hope you are all having a blessed and wonderful summer!

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